Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Started, Features and Technical Questions of RealTimeRevenue.


Integration usually takes 30 days or less. This includes all ad campaign strategy, design, measurement and launch; with sales CRM integration happening in parallel.

The teams are digital strategists, optimizers, designers, animators and writers who are expert in pre-construction home sales. They works alongside your team(s) delivering your media plan, targets, personalized creative touchpoints, budgeting and launch.

A strategic and creative immersion process ensures your tribal knowledge is reflected in the campaign. You sign-off on all media, targeting, creative, writing and brand decisions before launch.

Yes, the campaigns are designed to extend your Masterbrand – using your existing brand standard guidelines (or developed alongside them), from your internal creative team or external creative agency.

This depends on the season, market, buyer type and development type. Our campaign experts use market data to recommend flights and budgets.

Media spend budgets can vary depending on various factors. After an analysis of your development, a data-driven recommendation is delivered.


Campaigns are optimized to a few factors: cost, engagement, conversion and of course, how many appointments and purchases they drive. Depending on your plan, check-ins and optimizations occur weekly or more often to ensure ad dollars are driving ROI constantly.

Reports on lifetime and weekly performance, trendlines and sales results are all available in your campaign dashboard. They are manually verified twice weekly to ensure no data conflicts with the ad platforms or your analytics.

Sales teams are coached on CRM best practices via a video session and digital training materials. Periodic check-ins are scheduled to ensure they stay on track.

The system provides in-depth data about prospects in the form of channels, personas, creative, geography and pipeline reports. These help your overall marketing and sales teams move with confidence and speed.


The system works with all major analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel and a host of others.

All prospect and buyer data is anonymized and stored in a compliant manner. We advise your project websites to have their own privacy policy which specify your email contact and data collection practices.

There are many CRM’s the system integrates with. See list of logos here. Custom integrations are also possible if the CRM you are using is not listed.

This is usually up to each Builder but our experts do have strong recommendations on how to ensure a high quality of registrant. After letting us know about your development, they will send on a custom plan.